A few months ago, I enrolled to a voice over training class with a certain company who promised anyone the chance to get into the money-making world of Voice Over. At that time, it sounded like an easy way to a secure income and fame so I joined in. We had breathing exercises and all sorts of stretching to make us relax and then we listened to tons and tons of voiceover recordings.  By the time the trainer deemed us ready to read scripts, we were made to print our own copies! We read pages of scripts without a single comment, no guidance on performance, no anything. Ultimately, it was a waste of time.

So now, I am on my own and trying to gain as much knowledge on voice over techniques as I can. I’ve read about several voice over artists but one person caught my interest. He is Andrew Carlton. I listened to his audio recordings and I was amazed at his ability to properly execute the right tone, put emphasis and add character to his voice. Indeed, he is an expert in communicating the exact message of the script to those who need to hear it. He is very convincing and I admire how he plays with his voice to match the script. He can go from a deep and warm tone to an authoritative one. He definitely knows his way around voice over work.

I really hope that one day, I get to work with Andrew and see him live at work. I am still starting, a little less self-confident but fully determined to make it to the voiceover industry.